Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teaching Teamwork & the Routine for Collaborative Conversations

My product on TpT and Teacher's Notebook
I feel like a broken record!  Again, this project was created to help guide the Smart Start lesson of Collaborative Conversations.  I love collaboration, and almost always have my students' desks in groups for that reason.  Although I have always had a discussion about collaboration, cooperation, and communication, I was glad to finally make an "official" presentation to teach this.

After going through what teamwork is, and why it's important, I made slides that have listening goals and speaking goals.  Like my other projects, I intend to hang these in my room for reference.  I used CCSS for Speaking and Listening, and the wording in the two Smart Start lesson plans help me to write goals that I felt were appropriate and understandable.

Then, time to put those skills to the test!  I love quotes, and so I found some great quotes about teamwork.  My task is to have students discuss these in their groups, and then choose one to share with the class, and their reason for sharing.  I'm planning to do some observation during this, and take notes of things I see during their conversations (good and bad) to discuss with the class at the end.

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