Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It - 7/21

I'm excited to link up with Tara again for Made It Monday.  The reason I'm excited is that I have a non-digital creation to share!  For a while now, I have considered myself a sort of digital artist.  I love creating things for the classroom on my computer, but have never been very "crafty" in any other way.  But, after reading through the many great links on her post last week, I was inspired and headed to Michael's.

So, Tara herself inspired my first project.  The others did not come out so well, and even this one had a few do-overs.

I've always loved using quotes, and even spent a day finding the perfect quote to go with the weekly essential questions in our new series.  So her quote bubble chalk board was perfect for me.  My husband is a carpenter, so he usually has any materials and/or tools I could possibly need.  Of course, the chalkboard paint (found a spray paint can for $6.99) and chalk markers (splurged on these $11.99) I had to buy.  At least I found a 25% of everything digital coupon:)

So I used the jigsaw and cut out my shape.  Only, the wood was way too porous, and the marker didn't completely rub off, and I knew it would get worse with each erase.  So my husband found some hard plastic material that I traced around my shape, and cut out with snips.  I used my new spray adhesive (for the other failed project) and glued it onto the wood.  It was previously in a roll, so I added some heavy materials to flatten it while the spray dried.  It worked, so then I reapplied chalkboard spray paint.  15 minutes later went to check, and adhesive bond broke, and plastic was off and curled...  I was done for the day and went up to watch some tv.  An hour later my husband came upstairs and said that he put it back on with HIS adhesive spray (probably not purchased at Michaels) and put on two coats of my chalkboard spray paint.  I know, awww.  So I added some silver border and my own quote.  Can't wait to hang it in my classroom.

 Alright, this is a double post of sorts, but I'm happy with my digital product I created to go with this.  Feel free to see my Friday blog post for more info.


My daughter is also really getting into the crafting thing.  Although her balloon deflated a few minutes after she made this, ruining her project, she had fun.

Probably my biggest accomplishment this past week was helping to make a very successful 90th birthday party for my grandpa.  My dad hosted the party at his lake house, which is on an island on a small lake accessible only by boat.  There was a lot of prep and clean up for this party with 70+ guests.  Especially since he hired a 6 member jazz band, and we had to get the piano over on the pontoon!  Very successful party overall, I love my grandparents!

How sweet is this?

Poor lighting, but a rare photo with me in it!

My kids assembled these completely on their own!

The band - Ragtime Rick


  1. I love that your husband is helping with your teacher crafts! Glad the birthday party was a success!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. I so need to make one of your signs for the computer lab. It's so cute.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  3. LOVE your quote collection! Thanks for sharing!