Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to School Goals

UPDATE:  Wouldn't you know, I first added my link to the wrong section...  So if anyone is looking at this from the link-up of last year's goal reflections, here's a quick recap:  Last year was a new grade (newish, I had taught 4th grade many years before - but pre CCSS).  I planned out the whole year, revised, revised, revised, and revised.  Happy overall, but totally looking forward to year two in 4th grade for 2014-15.  What's new this year is new reading series.  My blog is mainly dedicated to implementing this series.  So if you use McGraw Hill Wonders, please follow me, and join in my conversations!

Well, here goes my first attempt to link to another blog.  I've just started blogging, and found bloglovin.  I'm amazed at how blogging has changed from when I first learned about it many years ago.  So many great blogs out there, yet weeding through to find the great ones is a daunting task.

So I'm linking up with I {Heart} Recess to do one of my favorite things...setting goals.

More about my goals:

Personal: I tend to be an all-or-nothing person.  Two years ago I ran my first 5k, within a year I ran a full marathon.  Then I pretty much stopped running.  I need to find a way to moderately incorporate exercise into my life and keep it that way.

Organization: I also tend to get so excited about what's next, that I hate to do tasks associated with events that already happened, such as filing.

Planning: Writing has always been my Achille's Heal.  Maybe better planning will excite me and the students.

Professional:  Last year, and this coming year, I have the inclusion classroom.  That means 2 out of the 3 ELA classes I teach, I will have the inclusion teacher in my room.  I need to find a way to make having 2 teachers most effective for the students.

Students:  I just said good-bye to students I had for 2 years.  I knew them very well.  Being a part of a team of 3 means that I will spend only 70 minutes a day with most of the students on my team.  I need to find a way to get to know them during this small window, and make them feel important and loved.

Motto:  Speaks for itself.

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  1. I will be watching to see how you make it work with having two teachers in the room. This year they are wanting those teachers who teach reading, math... in our classrooms. I keep thinking how am I going to fit another teacher in the room. I have the table I use and a small square table. It will be interesting to find ways to do this.
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade