Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Introducing Writing Traits

Just like my Close Reading project, I created a presentation and posters for writing traits for the same reason.  Much of the Smart Start mini-lessons say, "tell students that...." or "explain to students that..."  Personally, I need visuals, and I think that most 4th grade students are more visual learners too.  Presentations give students that second avenue for accessing information, plus they help guide my instruction.  This presentation is meant to give students an overview to the 6 writing traits, the writing process, and how writing will be integrated into their learning this year.

I started with a slide asking students, "What makes a good writer?"  I plan to give them time to talk with their group, and then we will discuss as a class.  Hopefully, most of their ideas will fit into the later slides.  I decided to generate a list of adjectives for writers: interesting, engaging, knowledgeable, descriptive, flowing, genuine, and sophisticated.  Then each of these adjectives are used for the different traits. 

I plan to hang each of the trait posters in my room for reference throughout the year.  It was easy then to print all six in mini-size for students to glue into the front of their writing spirals.  I also made matching sticker labels to be printed onto 2" x 4" Avery labels for the front of their spirals.  I love the graphics I used for this that I purchased a while ago from Scrappin' Doodles TpT store.  I love her stuff!

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