Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Scoop and Wonders Blogging Plan!

Even though we had an unexpected day off (crazy fog) Friday, I still can't manage to figure out where my weekend time goes.  Okay, I know where it kids!  Yesterday, between her cross country meet and soccer game, my daughter joined her friend on stage to sing a song at a festival.

Therefore, these quick blog posts are all I can seem to fit in right now.  However, as we are getting back into our reading series next week, I'm hoping to make week 3 a true test of the format we created.  My hope is to create a blog post for each day, outlining the format.  Here's a run down of what the general idea is:

Monday - Intros, intros, intros....  A lot going on this day!
Tuesday - Focus on reading: Using workshop story to help teach a RL or RI standard.
Wednesday - Focus on language
Thursday - Work with anthology story (already read for homework to save time) and writing focus.
Friday - "Flex" day: Guided reading and literacy centers.

Since my son will be away at camp, and my daughter only has one evening commitment (unbelievable), maybe I'll have time to create these posts!

For now, here's my Sunday Scoop!  Linking up with Teaching Trio again for this fun post.  Maybe this week I can do a little better with my "hope to do" items.

Have a great week everyone!  And thanks for stopping by:)


  1. I feel like I blink and the weekend is over! And I don't even have kids to take all over the place!

  2. Your son goes to camp during the school year? Is it a part of his class? That sounds very interesting!