My Classroom

I am part of a team of 3, focusing only on ELA.  Last year, we started Team Mindcrafters.  The kids love the theme.  Notice - It's MINDcrafters, and not MINEcrafters.  My teaching partner came up with this clever name!

4th grade is a great year, in that chapter books and picture books are both appropriate.  Our school uses AR, and color codes our books by half-grade levels.  My picture books are color coded also, but grouped by genre.

My Readbox is my new addition this year.  This houses novels, in sets of 4, to be read in literature groups.

 Also new is my Vocab Wall.  Each Monday we sort our vocabulary words by part of speech.  After we feel that "we own" a word, it will be removed from the wall and "retired".  Retired words will go on popsicle sticks and uses for a vocabulary game to be played in Friday's centers.

 This picture was taken right after we started our first Friday center.  The choices will grow, and change, as the year progresses.  We laminated the choice cards, and used dry-erase markers, so we can reuse.  The stars are used for higher-level challenges.

Love my quote board...also new!  This goes with my weekly quotes and min-bios.

This section of my wall is for writing reference.  The six writing traits are on the smaller posters, and the larger posters outline the components of the three main writing types for 4th grade.

 My close reading posters are displayed, as well as the speaking and listening goals that we refer to OFTEN!  The student board has important information for students to refer to (lunch menu, schedules, etc.)

Back of my class, obviously taken early (empty boards...).  The large posters above contain our "I Can" statements for each unit.


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